What is "Affiliate Tracking Cookie" and why is it always detected?

An HTTP cookie is a packet of information sent by a server to a World Wide Web browser and then sent back by the browser each time it accesses that server. HTTP cookies are used for user authentication, user tracing, and maintaining user-specific information (preferences, electronic shopping cart, etc.).

Cookies have been of concern for Internet privacy, since they can be used for tracing the browsing of a user. As a result, they have been subject to legislation in various countries such as the United States, as well as the European Union. Cookies have also been criticized because the identification of users they provide is not always accurate and because they can be used for network attacks.

Cookies are created while browsing Internet websites. This is why anytime you surf and then run a spyware scan, Spyware Terminator detects newly created cookies. Spyware Terminator does not detect all cookies - it only detects cookies that are connected with suspicious servers or contain certain keywords.

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