News of the Month

New Trojan Targets Vulnerable Microsoft Office® Users

April 10, 2015   Malware News

Opening email attachments just got a bit more risky, especially for Microsoft Office® users working in the energy sector.

China Reels from its Largest DoS Attack

September 06, 2013   Malware News

A denial-of-service (DoS) attack on China’s domain extension .cn at the end of August caused about 1/3 of the country’s websites to go temporarily offline.

Rise in Spam Continues to Plague Email Inboxes

August 08, 2013   Malware News

Daily spam totals are estimated at 14.5 billion, and expectations are for the number to hit around 58 billion in the next 4-5 years.

Anonymity Network Exploited for Criminal Activity

August 07, 2013   Malware News

An open network that protects online users from network surveillance is believed to have been used by a hidden services hosting provider to distribute graphic and violent child pornography.

Microsoft®, FBI Dismantling Cybercrime Ring

June 11, 2013   Malware News

A massive botnet network responsible for online banking and identity theft has taken a hit.

Apache® Malware Targeting Popular Websites, Apple® and Microsoft® Users

May 21, 2013   Malware News

Popular websites are unknowingly hosting a backdoor variant that drives traffic to malicious websites.

Finfisher Malware

March 26, 2013   Malware News

Security professionals from the University of Toronto discovered a type of cyber espionage malware that can intercept and record communications of Skype® software.

PWS Worm Increases Activity

January 16, 2013   Malware News

Last moth ’s record shows an increase in the spread of a worm from the PWS family.

Malware Attacks Java® Web Servers

January 10, 2013   Malware News

Attackers are penetrating specialized web servers with Java® containers.

Social Engineering Attacks Target Apple® Users and Others

December 20, 2012   Malware News

IT security company Eset® is warning of a social engineering attack primarily focused on Apple® users, but other operating systems could be susceptible, too.

Anonymous threatens to attack Zynga and Facebook

November 02, 2012   Malware News

Anonymous published a document with project plans and future functioning of Zynga, which is primarily based on massive layoffs and outsourcing.