News of the Month

New Trojan Targets Vulnerable Microsoft Office® Users

April 10, 2015   Malware News

Opening email attachments just got a bit more risky, especially for Microsoft Office® users working in the energy sector.

Botnets greatly affecting the growth of fraud in PPC systems

December 13, 2010   Malware News

Experts have published statistics from PPC systems where more than 10% of ad clicks could have been fraudulent and that the largest share of clicks is attributed to system-designated botnets.

Autorun INF

November 16, 2010   Malware News

Experts are pointing to a growing trend in abuse of the Autorun function. The most famous exploits of this function appeared in the Conficker and Stuxnet worms.

Hackers attacked email server of Russian government

September 20, 2010   Malware News

Russian authorities confirmed a successful attack on the government’s email server.

Discovery of the Eleonore Exploit network

August 04, 2010   Malware News

AVG has released a report about the discovery of a network containing more than 1.15 million infected computers which were being controlled by Exploit Eleonore Toolkit.


July 29, 2010   Malware News

Security experts are warning of a new worm attack, known as Win32/Stuxnet. This worm spreads due to a newly discovered Zero Day type weakness in the Windows shell.

Kanzero attacks!

April 27, 2010   Malware News

Experts are warning about a new malware known as Kanzero. This Trojan horse was first found in Japan and is mainly aimed at Japanese Hentai comics’ fans.

New malware variations from the Trojan.Upd family block software updates

April 08, 2010   Malware News

Experts are warning about new functions in various malware that their producers are fitting in to increase their effectiveness.

Hackers use Twitter to control botnets

August 28, 2009   Malware News

The standard means to control a botnet are with so called IRC channels. Recently it´s been discovered that attackers also use this to abuse social networks, specifically Twitter.

New Version of AutoRun Malware

August 06, 2009   Malware News

Security experts have revealed statistics indicating a dramatic rise in the of presence of a new version of malware called AutoRun.

Twitter's Internal Corporate System is Attacked

July 21, 2009   Malware News

An attacker using the nickname "Hacker Croll" stole sensitive data in email attachments and shared documents from one of Twitter's employees on the Twitter social network. The attack itself was made through a compromised Gmail account.