Description: Unclassified Threat
Risk Level: Medium
Date of First Occurence: Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Software Developer: (unknown)
Brief Info: Unclassified threats are threats that are not properly sorted or threats having an unknown publisher.
Removal: This threat can be removed using "Spyware Terminator"

Geographical Distribution of Threat "Constructor.Binder.i"

Threat Info

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Detected Items

  1. Detected Files: %DESKTOP%\hackwotrl 2008\~AiO tools + addon~\AutoPlay\Docs\Crypter\ICrypt 1.0\ICrypt.exe MD5: 312B499B12DF46245BDF77883120A8B4 Size:492032
  2. Detected Files with variable Filenames:

Detecting items list:

  1. Files by MD5 MD5: 312B499B12DF46245BDF77883120A8B4 Size: 492032

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