Criteria for Spyware Terminator Safe Software Certification

Spyware Terminator Safe Software Certificate

Spyware Terminator puts strong emphasis on our customers' satisfaction. This is why all software applying for Spyware Terminator Safe Software Certification is put through rigorous testing to ensure that it is free of any malicious spyware.

Any software that receives our certification must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Approved software vendor must ensure that any parties, including affiliates, responsible for the distribution of their products, services, and advertisements comply with the same guidelines in their distribution and advertising practices as the approved software vendor.

  2. Approved software has to be accompanied by an End User License Agreement (EULA) including clear description of all installed items and explanation of their functions and intentions.

  3. Approved software will not be installed without explicit notification and user's consent. Notification in a EULA is not sufficient. The user needs to be informed about the installation and any software that is bundled with the approved software during the installation process.

  4. Approved software will not be bundled into other applications without clear notice of its inclusion and functions in the EULA during the installation process.

  5. Approved software will not exploit security vulnerabilities or security settings as consent to install the approved software without notice. Even in this case notification in a EULA is not sufficient.

  6. Approved software will not install applications that are not easily removable through the Add/Remove Programs, which removal may be made available either through the approved software or an application it supports.

  7. Approved software will not require personal information including but not limited to email address, name, physical address, and another personal information to install or uninstall the software unless it is necessary for the software function or purposes of authentication or validation.

  8. Approved software will not automatically opt user in to deals, offers, newsletters or other material of the same nature, no matter that the materials are provided by the software distributor or other parties. User must have opportunity to opt-in using the checkbox or other user initiated mean, to any marketing related activities.

  9. Approved software will not match user's on-line activity to any personally identifiable information, including but not limited to web pages viewed or accessed, user selected content, entered keywords or search terms, and relay such information in whole or part to remote or secondary computer or server without clear notice and user's consent. If the approved software collects data about the user that can be used to personally identify the user, the approved software must first obtain the user's express consent through or other means, as described in the Article 7.

  10. Approved software will not present advertisements that are not clearly branded by the company and/or by the software that serves the advertising. In addition, each advertisement served by the approved software must contain a link leading to instruction on how to remove the software that serves said advertising.

  11. Approved software will not permanently alter the normal appearance of a website without the express consent of its webmaster or owner. Pop ups in any form are acceptable if they meet the disclosure and removal criteria described in Article 9.

  12. Approved software will not install an application to remove or prevent spyware/adware but then install adware of its own without the explicit user's consent.

  13. Approved software will not use the user's computer as a relay for activity such as spamming, messenger spam distribution, DDoS attacks, or extended system compromising such as accessing another computer without the owner's authorization.

  14. Approved software will not disconnect or alter user's Internet connection such as dial-up to connect the user to a premium rate service or other connection outside the original ISP connections without the user's express permission and proper notification.

  15. Approved software will not attach any software to Windows services or other services that could prevent the easy removal of the software through the Add/Remove Programs.

  16. Approved software will not monitor items such as keystrokes, emails, instant messages, capture screenshots, history of open programs and/or documents without explicit notice to and consent from the user.

  17. Approved software will not gain access or control over the user's computer without clear notification and explicit user's consent.

  18. Approved software will not, without notice to the user, include or use any automatic updating feature that cannot be disabled and/or re-enabled at any time by the user without offering the user the ability to accept or deny the transmission of any updates through notice and consent without need for removing the software.

  19. Approved software will not alter search results, home pages, or search pages outside of the standard results provided by the default browser settings without explicit notice and user consent.

  20. Approved software will not place entries in the users HOSTS file that will redirect or block standard searches, queries, typed in URLs, and other sites without explicit notification and user's consent to do so.

  21. Approved software will not leave active portions of the program that originated with the install resident on the user's computer following uninstallation and reboot without explicit notification and user's consent.

  22. Approved software will not cause damage to or remove any component of the user's operating system such as winsock files.

  23. Approved software will not reinstall itself or portions of itself after it is removed without explicit notification to and user's consent.