Sezione dedicata alle controversie

This section is intended for software publishers who believe that their program or associated files have been incorrectly classified as spyware by Spyware Terminator. In order for us to consider re-classification, you will need to initiate a review according to the guidelines listed below.

To initiate the review, please follow these steps:

  1. Download our Vendor dispute form.
  2. Fill in the form.
  3. Send filled-in form to the following email address:

You will receive an email from our development team that confirms the receipt of your Vendor dispute form.

If additional information is needed, our development team will request it by sending you an email to the email address that was provided in the form. Once the analysis has been completed, the development team will send the results to the submitted email address. The Spyware Terminator development team will make every effort to expedite the process and respond in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about this form, you may contact our support.

Submission Rules:

  • The software publisher must provide all required information to initiate review by the Spyware Terminator development team.
  • The software publisher must provide information about all distribution channels, and include specific information about one or more affiliates or distributors.
  • The software publisher must attach a list of specific distribution requirements placed on affiliates or distributors, ways in which the requirements are enforced, and any known deviations from them.
  • The software publisher must reveal all known ways in which the behavior of any submitted software can be changed from its default behavior.
  • The Software publisher must disclose how the submitted versions differ from other versions including descriptions of how the behavior of the software has changed and how the underlying files can be distinguished.
  • The software publisher must identify the version of Spyware Terminator that detected his software.
  • The software publisher must provide any additional information that the Spyware Terminator development team believes is relevant to its analysis.

Analysis and Response Rules:

  • If a disputing publisher fails to provide the required information to the Spyware Terminator development team, the review may be rejected. If a review is rejected, the software publisher must resubmit all required information to activate a new dispute.
  • The Spyware Terminator development team may decide to have the entire dispute process handled by an independent third party chosen by the Spyware Terminator development team.
  • If the application meets our anti-spyware criteria for detection, detection may persist. The software publisher will be notified at this point in writing with a general indication of the criteria that matched.
  • If the application does not meet a sufficient amount of criteria, we may decide to remove the detection of the software from the signature library or change the software description. The software publisher will be notified in writing of the results in a timely manner. The notice will include information on a timeframe for implementating the decision.
  • Other versions of the same software may continue to be detected as long as they still meet a sufficient amount of the Spyware Terminator's detection criteria.
  • In the case of a clear false positive, we may contact the software publisher via email to confirm the issue and discuss next steps. We will respond to all complaints within a reasonable timeframe.

Resubmission rules:

  • A software publisher may choose to resubmit his program for reconsideration if it has implemented updates that sufficiently change a program's behavior and if he reasonably believes it will address the Spyware Terminator's concerns.