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New Trojan Targets Vulnerable Microsoft Office® Users

April 10, 2015   Malware News

Opening email attachments just got a bit more risky, especially for Microsoft Office® users working in the energy sector.

Phishing on the Rise

April 23, 2009   Malware News

According to industry experts phishing fraud has significantly increased during the last two years.

Kido aka Conficker is making money

April 15, 2009   Malware News

The latest version of the Kido worm has significantly changed from its previous versions.

Critical bug in PowerPoint

April 07, 2009   Malware News

Older versions of PowerPoint, such as 2000, 2002 and 2003 for the Windows operating system, bear a critical bug that is currently abused by several groups.

Anticipated attack didn't happen?

April 03, 2009   Malware News

The creators of the worm Conficker probably missed their best chance. Most security experts agree that this worm is still very dangerous. No one has succeeded in analyzing all its functions so far.

Worm Conficker

March 27, 2009   Malware News

We recently informed you about the worm called Conficker (aka, Net-worm.Kido) and according to industry experts it has spread to extreme epidemic size.

Is your computer part of a botnet?

March 25, 2009   Malware News

A recent study by computer security experts reported that an unprotected computer with an earlier version of Windows XP and is connected to the Internet, gets infected within 30 seconds after installation and becomes a part of a so called botnet.


March 20, 2009   Malware News

Our spyware lab encountered increased activity of new versions of Net-worm.Kido (aka Worm.Conficker).

AntispySpider,WinXDefender, Antivirus 2008

December 11, 2008   Malware News

Our antispyware lab has encountered several new rogue security programs


November 28, 2008   Malware News

New variants of adware Trojan.Zlob are still appearing. Most often they spread using fake video sites, which force user to install fake videocodec, whitch is actually Zlob Trojan.


October 03, 2008   Malware News

The top item currently being detected is Trojan.Smalll.agv. It abuses the victim's PC causing it to send spam emails which can lead to an overloaded Internet connection.

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