Crawler Releases Spyware Terminator Corporate Edition

September 12, 2006

September 12, 2006: With the growing popularity of Spyware Terminator, we decided to develop a commercial version intended for corporate use. Spyware Terminator Corporate Edition includes not only Spyware Terminator licenses but also an administration tool that allows an IT administrator to centrally manage Spyware Terminator installations, updates and maintenance.

Spyware Terminator Corporate Edition is a pack of Spyware Terminator licenses and a full-featured administration tool that includes:

Spyware Terminator Corporate Edition
  • Centrally managed installation of Spyware Terminator
  • Local update of Spyware Terminator on network clients
  • Remote administration of Spyware Terminator on network clients
  • User management, ability to sort network clients into groups
  • Complete overview of scan reports on every single network client
  • Notification of threats found by Spyware Terminator on a network client
  • Notification of scan period expiration on a network client

Learn more about Spyware Terminator Corporate Edition...

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