Spyware Terminator Rated Among the Top 3 Free Security Applications by CNET Download.com

February 21, 2008

We are very pleased to announce that Spyware Terminator is not only positively rated by its users, but also industry expert sources like CNET Download.com. In its Killer Download article published on February 13, 2008, Download.com Editor Jason Parker rated Spyware Terminator as one of the Top 3 Free Security Applications. Read the whole article to learn more...

Jason Parker refers to Spyware Terminator as one of "The Big Three" programs that he uses to fix infected computers. The Big Three includes one antivirus program, one antispyware program, and one software-based firewall. He designates Spyware Terminator as his current favorite antispyware application due to its slick interface, relatively fast scans and free real-time protection. He pointed out that Spyware Terminator has all the features of a paid application, but it is absolutely free.

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