Xacti Introduces a New Free Product - Online Vault

June 9, 2008

June 9, 2008: With the growing popularity of our products among Internet users, we've developed another freeware tool to enhance the Internet user's experience - Online Vault. Online Vault combines two useful tools Internet users can't do without - Password Manager and Form Filler. This powerful free software eliminates the need to manually fill in Web forms and logins on websites. You can rely on Online Vault to store all your passwords and form data safely and securely. Read the whole article to learn more...

Online Vault

Password Manager & Form Filler

Online Vault uniquely combines two must-have tools - Password Manager that remembers your passwords and Form Filler that fills in Web forms for you.

Save Time When Filling In Forms

Completing long registration and checkout forms can be a nuisance. With free Online Vault you can avoid manually filling in Web forms and logins on websites. Online Vault will automatically fill in Web forms for you!

No Need to Remember Passwords

Can't remember your passwords? No problem, Online Vault's Password Manager can remember all your passwords and automatically log you in!

Check It Out For Yourself!

Don't spend your time filling in Web forms and trying to remember your passwords. Make it easy yourself and download your free copy today!

Download Free Online Vault »

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