Crawler Releases Spyware Terminator With Enhanced Online Protection

August 26, 2009

With Internet threats on the rise, Crawler has taken the initiative to reduce this danger by enhancing Web Security Guard which provides Online Protection within Spyware Terminator. This new version of Spyware Terminator now offers enhanced built-in protection to prevent infection of your computer. Read the whole article to learn more...

What Is Web Security Guard?

Web Security Guard is a free optional extension of Spyware Terminator abilities to prevent spyware and other malware from infecting your computer.

Web Security Guard warns you when you're about to enter a website that contains content that might harm your computer giving you the option to leave or enter the website. It also displays a rating of the website and reviews of previous visitors to the website.

Enhanced Web Security Guard

Now, Web Security Guard completely blocks any loading of a website reported to be dangerous, protecting your computer from running any malicious codes.

Warning and information windows have been completely redesigned and the stability of the program has significantly increased, helping to protect over 1,000,000 users.

New WSG screen

Enhance the Protection of Your Computer

Install free Spyware Terminator with Web Security Guard to provide the best protection for your computer and privacy.

Download Free Spyware Terminator Now »

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