Crawler Group Introduces a New Spyware Terminator Feature - Game Mode

October 14, 2009

Crawler Group brings a great solution for users who don't want to be disturbed by Spyware Terminator warnings while using full screen applications such as games, and still want to be protected against malware attacks. We also invite you to join the Spyware Terminator group on one of the most popular social networks - Facebook.

Game Mode

Just like other Spyware Terminator modes, Game Mode allows you to prevent Spyware Terminator warnings from displaying when you don't want to be disturbed, e.g., when you're playing a game, watching a movie in full-screen mode, etc.

Switching to Game Mode is easy, just right-click the Spyware Terminator icon in the System Tray, select "Adjust Real-Time Shield Mode" and then the "Game Mode" option.

Game Mode

When you're switched to Game Mode, the Spyware Terminator icon in the System Tray changes its appearance to make it easier for you to recognize this mode.

When you're done watching the movie or playing the game, just switch back to disable the Game Mode and to see the warnings again.

Ready to try it? Download the latest version of Spyware Terminator with the Game Mode feature.

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