Crawler Group Releases Spyware Terminator Beta

November 3, 2009

We are proudly announcing the new beta release of Spyware Terminator that includes optimized scans allowing the user to reduce used resources, plus we've made several bug fixes.

Optimized Scan

This new beta version allows you to minimize used resources when you minimize the Spyware Terminator Center to taskbar during a scan. You'll have more resources available for other applications that you may want to use while scanning.

Bug fixes in Spyware Terminator Beta

These bugs have been fixed:

  • Items wrongfully added to Black List through the Real-Time Shield alert
  • Black & White Lists appearing in the System32 folder
  • Duplicate items in the Black & White Lists
  • Inability to hide the Spyware Terminator System Tray icon
  • Improved behavior of Install Mode

Download free Spyware Terminator Beta »

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