Crawler Group Releases Spyware Terminator Beta 2 featuring new language capabilities and Anti-phishing Protection with compatibility in FireFox

March 24, 2010

Spyware Terminator is now available in more languages!

Due to a large interest and many requests from our users worldwide, Spyware Terminator Beta 2 is now available in Chinese and Turkish languages as well!

Spyware Terminator Beta 2 Features:

Anti-phishing Protection

With the development of online payment systems using credit cards, phishing attacks are increasing alarmingly. These fraud attacks are detected and blocked by the new Anti-phishing function in Web Security Guard. The Beta 2 version is now also compatible with FireFox.

See a screenshot of how Anti-phishing Protection works

This screenshot is made available by IM ToolPack. For more information, visit

Improved Language Support

ST is now available with support in Chinese and Turkish languages

Download Spyware Terminator Beta 2 Now »

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