Crawler Group Releases Spyware Terminator version featuring new language capabilities, new Anti-phishing Protection and tuned-up Real-Time Protection

March 30, 2010

Spyware Terminator is now available in more languages!

Due to a large interest and many requests from our users worldwide, Spyware Terminator is now available in Chinese and Turkish languages as well!

Spyware Terminator Features:

• New Anti-phishing Protection

• Spyware Terminator supports Chinese and Turkish languages

• Real-Time Protection has been fixed to eliminate computer-freezing problems

How does Anti-phishing Protection work for you?

Anti-phishing Protection is a real-time phishing filter that detects and blocks fraudulent sites and phishing sites from loading into your browser. If the website is evaluated as being misused by phishing, access will be blocked and a blocked phishing notification window will appear that will allowing you to choose whether to enter the website or block it completely.

You can add your favourite websites to a White list which Anti-phishing Protection will ignore, ensuring your computer is effectively protected, Anti-phishing Protection uses a databse of safe websites that is updated regularly by more than a million users worldwide.

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