Spyware Terminator License for Non-Profit Organizations

This request form is intended for non-profit organizations only.
Spyware Terminator is free both for personal use on your home computers and for commercial use in your office. If you want to manage Spyware Terminator installations in your company centrally, please visit our Spyware Terminator Corporate Edition section.

To request free Spyware Terminator and Spyware Terminator Corporate Edition licenses for your non-profit organization, please complete the form below in ENGLISH only.

Our approval procedure includes 3 steps:

  1. You send us a request using the form below.
  2. Our representative will verify that the organization complies with our conditions.
  3. If we decide to grant the organization a free license, we'll send the serial number for the number of granted licenses to the email address entered in the request form in 2 weeks. We are sorry, but we don't reply to applicants who don't meet our requirements.

Request Spyware Terminator License

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Number of Computers

Please enter the number of computers that you want to protect using Spyware Terminator.

Напр., 10

Please enter the number of computers that you want to protect using Spyware Terminator.


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Напр., Camden Hills High School


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Required Information

Please specify the way you plan to use Spyware Terminator (e.g., installation from 1 server to 10 computers). Also, please provide a brief description of your organization.