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Managing the Black List

The Black List contains a list of user added actions, which are denied by all shields without prompting for permission. There are several ways how items can be placed on the Black List - by selecting “store response” on the Spyware Terminator 2015 alert, manually using the “Add” button, or automatically by Spyware Terminator 2015. You can select more items to be black listed by using the CTRL or SHIFT key.

The Black List is managed exactly like the White List.

To Access the Black List, select “Settings” and click the “Black List” from the left tree. A similar window will appear:

Add (A) – To manually add new programs to Black list by clicking the “Add” button.

Remove (B) - To remove selected files from the Black list click “Remove” button.

Move to White List (C) - To move the selected files to White List click “Move to White List” button.

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