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Using Review List

After every attempt to modify protected settings (regardless if the program was automatically allowed/denied or you decided yourself), this action will be added to the Review List. The Review List contains a history of all attempts to change protected areas. These actions, from all shields (including HIPS), are displayed here. You can also display file details and move the program to white or black lists.

To access Review List, select “Settings” and click the "Review List” from the left settings tree. A similar window will appear:

Refresh (A) – The Review List is not automatically updated. If you want to view the most current list, you must click on the “Refresh” button.

Delete All (B) - After refreshing you can delete every item by clicking “Delete All”.

Move to... (C) – After refreshing you can decide to move items to the White or Black List for future reference. Click the “Move To...” button to display the options. The following menu appears:

Move to White List, Move to Black List – choose to move selected items to White List or to Black List

Details (D) – To see more details about a selected file click “Details”.

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